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Methods of prevention of influenza in children.. Permanent hygiene. Proper food to improve immune performance. Children's personal hygiene. Winter shower

Methods of prevention of influenza in children:

There are some methods that the mother can follow at home and with the child to prevent influenza, including the following:

Permanent hygiene:

  • The house must always be kept clean, especially the rooms in which children spend most of the time, and they must be exposed to air continuously, at least three times a week.
  • If the father or a member of the family is a smoker, he must completely refrain from smoking inside the house. He can go outside or on the balcony to keep the smoke away from the children's breathing as much as possible.
  • The room should not be heated more than necessary, whether by means of heating devices such as air conditioning or a heater, because when the child's body is very warm and goes out of the room, the body is exposed to temperature changes as well as cold air currents, which makes it easy to catch the flu and the common cold.
  • The air must be constantly renewed in the house by adopting the habit of opening the windows to a light degree during the day so that the air in the sleeping or living rooms is renewed.
  • Always take care of the draining of toys and tools that children use constantly so that germs and microbes that stick to them are eliminated and so that they are not transmitted to the child through the nose, eyes, or even the skin.

Proper food to improve immune performance:

  • The mother should always provide natural foods that are useful for children, especially those that contain a large percentage of various vitamins such as vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to put vegetables in all meals for the child and replace sweets with natural fruits due to the vitamins, compounds and substances they contain that help improve and strengthen immunity. To be able to fight any virus or external infection.
  • Taking care of drinking water, whether it is in winter or summer, where it is preferable to drink a full glass of lukewarm water before going to school or study in the morning, as water works to balance the heat between the body internally and externally.
  • In the event that the mother has a child in the lactation stage, where the mother's nutrition is given attention because it works to build and strengthen the child's immune system.
  • It is preferable to provide natural juice to the child during the day, such as orange juice, kiwi, strawberry or lemon juice, because all these fruits contain vitamin C and vitamin C, which are important in strengthening immunity and combating diseases.
  • It is worth noting that the doctors emphasized the need to eat two different types of fruits daily and three types of vegetables on a daily basis in the three basic meals during the day.

Children's personal hygiene:

  • It is preferable to teach children personal hygiene from the very beginning of their nails, such as washing hands before and after eating, so that the hand is not exposed to germs and is transmitted to the body and causes diseases.
  • Washing hands with soap and water always after playing, especially outside, or after sneezing and coughing to get rid of droplets coming out of the mouth during them.
  • Not to share his own cutlery, or even his personal items at school such as water bottles and food boxes.
  • The child should always carry the tissues with the necessity of teaching him that he should put them on the mouth and nose, the coughing ducts, or vice versa.
  • Do not put toys, pens, tools, money or silver coins into the mouth because they cause diseases, most notably influenza.

Winter shower:

  • When taking a bath in the winter, it is preferable for the mother to follow some measures to prevent the child from being exposed to changes in air currents, which may cause diseases.
  • It is preferable to prepare the child's clothes before going to the shower, as in case the temperature is very low, it is recommended to wear the child's clothes in the bathroom and before leaving it.
  • The child's hair should not be left wet and wet with water. A hair dryer can be used to ensure that the child's hair has dried completely.
  • The child should be bathed at least twice a week, and should be bathed only an hour after practicing any kind of sport except for swimming.
  • The mother should always ensure that the child's clothes are always dry of water, because if his clothes get wet in the winter, he is more likely to catch the flu and common cold.