Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mistakes that cause your child to be skinny.. The relationship of the child's mental and psychological health with his physical and physical health

Nutritional habits and child health:

Taking care of the child’s nutrition from the first day is a trust in the neck of the mother and the father. The eating habits that you follow with your child with the introduction of solid food will remain with him until he grows up, so we called it “Amanah” because the child’s mental and psychological health has a close relationship with his physical and physical health.

When the child is hungry, he will ask for food:

The first myth that has nothing to do with health, children in general do not tend to ask for food, except when they reach the stage of extreme hunger, and if you give your child the choice between eating and continuing to play or watch a favorite cartoon program, he will choose anything other than eating.
Offer your child meals on a regular basis at specific times, as he will not ask for food and reaching the stage of extreme hunger will be dangerous to his health.

The child should not play with the food or make a mess on the table:

A big mistake and a common myth, as whenever your child enjoys while eating his food, he eats his entire meal, so do not scold your child when some food falls on the floor or on the table, and do not be sharp-tempered at the time of eating, but rather make it an enjoyable time in which he uses all his senses, and if He wanted to eat some food with his hands, so leave him, as there will be no world war if he does not eat all the food with a spoon.

Etiquette and respect for food also has nothing to do with all of these things. What is important is that he sits in his seat and concentrates on the food when eating it and is not preoccupied with any other activity and eats his dish the way he prefers.

Eating while doing other activities:

It is common among mothers to feed the child while playing or watching TV, thinking that he will eat more food if they do so, but this is also a myth, which has nothing to do with the health of the child, when your child eats while doing any other activity, he will not give importance to meals nor Respect for mealtimes, and in the future they will be more likely to forget mealtimes. I see some children only eat one meal per day, which negatively affects their mental and physical development compared to their peers.

Children do not naturally like healthy foods:

There is a common belief that children are born with a tendency to sweets and fast foods, and they hate vegetables, fruits and all healthy foods, and this is a wrong belief, as the child gets used to what he eats, and by the nature of human formation, he tends to reject bitter foods and tends to sweet foods, and here comes the role of the mother and father in the types of The food offered to the child from the beginning of the introduction of solid food.

You must be a good cook in order for your child to get good food:

Of course not, there is no relationship between your ability to cook and feed your child well, because children are more inclined to the shape of food, so try to put vegetables in the dish, and make a piece of boiled meat in a traditional way and cut it in the shape of a heart, and he will eat it and fill his heart with happiness, also prepare soup Light with white rice as a simple meal, or a green salad cut into slices forming a beautiful shape in the dish, all of which will make you need any meal from the outside.