Sunday, April 30, 2023

Mother's nutritional needs in breastfeeding and how milk can be rapidly generated

Psychological health effects of milk generation on the mother and child:

The latest studies confirm that the diet used during breastfeeding and during pregnancy strongly affects the generation of milk, which has psychological health effects on the mother and child.

The infant, who is breastfed by his mother's breast, will enjoy all the necessary nutrients, thanks to the presence of these elements in milk, which also represents among other matters the most effective means of the passage of antibodies from the mother to the infant and protecting it from some of the most common children's diseases such as ear infections and stomach and intestinal inflammation Respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.

If you see your child and fear for his health, we will explain to you the fastest way to generate milk, foods and drinks that we recommend eating and those that we recommend to avoid

The fastest way to generate milk from the breast:

A balanced diet not only helps to generate milk, but it is very important for health and the best you can do.

The fastest way to generate milk from the breast is to breastfeed the child continuously. The higher the number of breasts, the more milk you have.

You must know when the child is hungry to breastfeed it in a timely manner, this ensures that the production of milk does not stop. When the child sucks milk from the breast, hormones in the body stimulate the production of more milk.

The nutritional need for a nursing mother:

During breastfeeding, the mother's nutritional needs increase because milk production takes from the elements in her body and causes a loss of many calories.

For this reason, it must be increased from about 2100 - 2200 calories that are obtained through the diet if the woman is of medium brown, and during the breastfeeding period, about 200 calories must be solutions through very nutritious foods such as protein. Experts say it is a necessary condition to maintain the health of the mother and the child.