Sunday, April 30, 2023

My baby is not sleeping enough hours, what should I do?.. Reasons for poor sleep of the infant

Not sleeping enough time:

Most young children, throughout their different stages of life, suffer from sleep disorders, so that they cannot fall asleep for a long time without interruption. This is why mothers feel uncomfortable and anxious because they are unable to regulate their children’s sleep and fear that they will not get enough sleep. Of course, if your child wakes up for long periods without sleeping or sleeps for intermittent periods, this will affect the mother's sleep pattern as well, and within a short period she will become angry and irritable constantly, especially with the other pressures of life, because she does not get enough sleep. What is the secret of children not sleeping continuously? How do you deal with this?

At the beginning, you should know that the older the child is, the more hours of sleep will gradually decrease, and as the child exceeds the first year of his life, his waking up during the night increases and he stays awake for gradually longer periods. However, it is good that children get rid of these problems with the passage of time, and they do not have any effect on their growth and health if they do not exceed normal limits.

What are the reasons for a child's lack of sleep at this age?

  • His feeling of fear that his mother is not around him, or his concern about the presence of conflicts or marital problems at home that make him more susceptible to sleep disorders, as a child at this age needs to feel love, tenderness and reassurance.
  • The lack of a sleeping atmosphere in his room in terms of lighting, temperature and quietness, as all these things disturb him in his sleep.
  • His preoccupation with discovering what is around him, and his desire to spend most of his time playing without interruption.
  • He has internal pains that he cannot express, such as earache, throat pain, or head problems.
  • He sleeps for long periods during the day, which causes him to wake up at night or not sleep continuously.

How do you help your child sleep for sufficient periods during the night?

  • Turn off all electronic devices a while before the child’s bedtime to stimulate him to sleep. Some research has shown that the light emitted from electronic devices affects the production of the hormone melatonin, which is an important element in regulating the sleep-wake cycle in humans. When the level of this hormone rises, the individual feels Sleepy and wanting to sleep.

  • Give him food during the day accompanied by paragraphs of play and activities, while at night give him food quickly and without noise or any interaction to avoid stimulating him and motivating him to wake up.

  • Resist any attempt from him to play or talk, if he wakes up during the night hours shortly after he fell asleep.

  • Do not force him to sleep at a specific hour by beating or punishing him, and leave him the freedom to sleep and wake up whenever he wants so that he can set his own sleeping times. Instead of punishment, make sure to fill his day with activities and games that support his development and deplete his energy, so that he can sleep uninterrupted and rest all night.

  • Help him take a nap during the day, which does not exceed two hours, and do not neglect this nap on the pretext that this will help him sleep better at night, otherwise the opposite will happen and he will be tired and exhausted, which makes his sleep more difficult during the night.

  • Give him food during the day accompanied by paragraphs of play and activities, while at night give him food quickly and without noise or any interaction to avoid stimulating him and motivating him to wake up.