Thursday, April 20, 2023

My Baby Wants Me to Hold Him All the Time: What Do I Do?.. Methods of dealing with your child if he continues to cry

Carrying the baby too much:

The child likes to be held all the time and feels happy in his mother’s hands, as he feels comfortable and reassured when carrying him and holding him in your chest, but with time the child grows and it becomes difficult to carry him all the time, especially since some children keep crying until their mothers carry them, which causes them embarrassment, to use their children Crying as a means of pressure until they are carried again, and they are even upset and do not feel that they are carried if the mother is sitting, and there are also some children who want to be carried and moved around the place.

Here are the most important reasons why your child behaves like this, and what you must do to get rid of that habit.

Reasons why your baby wants to get pregnant:

  • The child is antisocial at times and is used to seeing you and his father only, so when leaving the house he does not feel reassured unless he is attached to your chest.
  • A child at this age begins to develop his ability to perceive and discover the world around him, and this usually happens after the first months of his life, and therefore he realizes that once he cries, you will carry him immediately, this is what may accustom him to using crying to express his desire to conceive and not calm down until you carry him, so it is better to teach him that pregnancy has times, because while not getting him used to it, it may become difficult later on.
  • The child may have colic or any other pain that he cannot express, so he feels that he does not want to be away from you and that he is being carried all the time.

Methods of dealing with your child if he continues to cry:

  • Take control of your nerves and control them, so do not shout at your child and do not hit him so as not to abuse your relationship with him, but ignoring is the best solution when the crying begins, so ignore him until he feels that his crying is of no use, and the more he cries, do not give up your patience. Of course, I do not need to stress that this behavior should not be resorted to if his crying is due to illness or pain he feels.
  • Convince him that you ignore his crying that it is of no use, and he will not be rewarded with pregnancy after that because he is crying.
  • Remember that as your child gets older and does not find a response to his requests when crying, he will become less nervous and will not get used to getting his desires by crying.

Tips to get rid of the habit of carrying your baby:

  • Don't leave him in a bad mood, but play with him a little bit before you leave him alone.
  • Make sure to increase the period during which your child stays on the rocking chair or on the floor on the colored carpet, and attract him with toys of colors that attract his attention to distract him from the idea of ​​pregnancy.
  • Use a rocking chair and put him in it instead of carrying him, or you can put him on a colorful play mat to distract him from the idea of being pregnant.
  • Do not use the rocker that is attached to the ceiling to distract it, as it is a dangerous tool that may lead to the fall of your child.
  • Do not leave him on the bed alone without changing his diaper and watching him closely, as a child who loves to be carried is often nervous and moves a lot, and this may expose him to falling.