Sunday, April 30, 2023

My infant wakes up early: what is the solution?.. How to organize a child's sleep during the day and night

Children's sleep problems:

Babies sleep problems are not limited to regulating their sleep through the night, but often the little bird may surprise you by waking up very early, at a time when you desperately need every minute of sleep.

How do you make sure your little one gets enough sleep?

You need to know how many hours of sleep your infant needs at each age in general, and you can observe his behavior during the day to see if he got enough hours of sleep last night or not, does he appear sleepy and rub his eyes frequently? Is his mood sour for no apparent reason? All of these are signs that tell you that your little one is not getting the required amount of sleep.

On the contrary, if your little one is more energetic and energetic, then he probably got enough sleep, then woke up to continue his journey of discovering the world since early morning.

Tips on how to act when a baby is not getting enough sleep:

If he gets up early and doesn't get enough sleep:

  • Do not give up when your child wakes up very early in the morning and start playing with him, but rather continue to create the atmosphere for night sleep, and try to restore sleep to his eyes again, it may help you to play a piece of soft music, or rock him a little while singing to him affectionate voice

  • Make sure that there is nothing in the room that disturbs your child's sleep and invites him to wake up at this time of the morning, such as the sound of an incoming message on your mobile phone or sunlight infiltrating his room, as these simple things may signal to him that the day has come and it is time to wake up and play.

  • Look for the reason behind your little one waking up early, it may be a change of place, growth spurts he is going through, or teething, and all of these reasons are temporary and the child often returns to regularity in his sleep routine after they pass.

  • Try to delay the time of the first nap he gets in his day, and thus this will lead to a delay in his bedtime at night, so that his body gets used to sleeping for longer hours in the morning.

  • Reorganize his sleeping routine, for example, if he wakes up before six in the morning, make sure that he does not go to sleep before seven in the evening, as infants do not sleep more than 11 hours during the night.

  • Do not breastfeed him as soon as he wakes up early in the morning, but rather try to delay the time of the first feeding, as the baby's stomach gets used to certain times for taking milk, and when the times of feeding are delayed, his feeling of hunger will also be delayed, and the times of his waking up during the night to seek breastfeeding will also be delayed.