Sunday, April 30, 2023

Nutrition in children with cancer.. Allowed and impermissible foods

The importance of nutrition for children with cancer:

  75 percent of children with cancer can be cured if they are well cared for at the level of nutrition. Cancer in children is different from cancer in adults.

This disease in the child is related to malnutrition because he is in a period of growth and deserves food to grow and grow, and not just to live, whether during or before the treatment period, as his body requires more calories.

The rate of calories that a child deserves, according to age:

A healthy child between the ages of one and three years deserves between 1,000 and 1,300 calories. For children with cancer, there is an increase of 50 percent.

A healthy child at the age of 10 to 12 years deserves between 2,000 and 2,200 calories, while a child with cancer deserves between 3,000 and 3,300 calories. A child undergoing treatment against cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy...) cannot eat easily, with some ulcers appearing on his face. mouth level.

Allowed and not allowed foods:

It is necessary to diversify foods to be rich in calories found in natural sugars, oils and proteins

Foods prohibited for a child with cancer:

  • Unpasteurized milk, because a child with cancer requires that his nutrition be rich in proteins and calcium.
  • Cheese that contains beneficial bacteria, in order to avoid any possibility of transmitting the bacterial infection to the sick child, because during the treatment period his immunity is weak.
  • Undercooked meat.
  • Salted foods (fresh, chips...) because they contribute to bad health.
  • Spices, because the child is in the process of treatment, his body is very sensitive.
  • Foods that have a shortage of calories, such as salad and soup.

The proper nutritional strategy that the mother should follow:

One of the most important tips that must be followed to avoid malnutrition in a child with cancer is to eat foods rich in calories and proteins

Food containing proteins:

  • Concentrated milk because it contains a lot of calories.
  • Use eggs in most meals.
  • Non-solid cheese, which is often yellow in color.
  • chickpea farine (farine de pois chiche).
  • Lentil fry.
  • minced meat .
  • Oilseeds (almonds, flax...) in the form of flour to ensure that the child does not suffer injuries at the level of the mouth.

Foods that contain calories:

- Oils, butter, cream, and natural sugars such as honey, by incorporating them into food.

How to feed a child with cancer:

  • Food must be shaken at a rate of 80 percent of it to be soft in the mouth.
  • Meals should be divided (from 8 to 10 meals per day) at the rate of one meal every two hours to ensure that food is gradually digested and to avoid vomiting.
  • It is necessary to switch between meals (a salty meal and a sweet meal) in order to gradually get used to the taste of food and the love of eating.
  • Good presentation of food dishes (decorating them in a way that encourages the child and makes him accept food).