Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Parental upbringing and the difference in the relationship between the father and the mother with the new baby

parental education:

In the majority of families in our societies, individual freedoms are limited, so young people who are about to get married see that this institution is considered joining the project of freedom, breaking into the wall of limiting it, and joining the space that will enable them to exercise this freedom.

Thinking of the newborn:

In the formation of the family cell, it is necessary to think about the newborn from the beginning and to attach it to the new institution in terms of the space in which we will place it and the timing of its arrival.

If the couple did not prepare from the start for the arrival of the new baby, this would be a matter of surprise for them.

The difference between mother and father:

The arrival of the new baby upsets the new balances of the family that have not yet been focused.

There are some breaches between the mother and the father, as the mother is a mother from the beginning and from the time of pregnancy, but the father will not feel the feeling of fatherhood until after the arrival of the new baby.

Awareness since puberty is important:

The topic is related to puberty. Nothing qualifies teenagers for this very important stage in their lives, which is the stage of forming a family and a family. The Tunisian family is very conservative and does not talk about building a future family for their teenage child.
Also, the school does not address the subject except briefly and modestly. And you don't deal with the problem properly. Adolescents rely on information from peers and sources outside of their control that are often destructive, insincere, or incorrect.

Thinking about the upbringing of the adolescent child affects the issue of family building and sexual education as among the forbidden topics and dealing with them ignorantly contributes to changing the lives of adults later.