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Parents' relationship with the fetus and infant after birth.. Breastfeeding. formula milk Regulating sleep times

The relationship between father, mother and infant:

There are many aspects that strengthen the relationship between parents with the fetus and the infant after birth, including:


There is nothing better than breastfeeding to protect the child, because mother's milk is in line with all the requirements and needs of the child, in addition to the emotional aspects between the mother and her infant.

Mother's milk meets all health conditions, as it is ready as it should, in addition to a suitable temperature and sterilizer, and provides protection for the child's body, especially since it lacks immunity throughout the first three months, as the child begins to form immunity from the third month to be activated from the sixth month. The mother protects her child from her body's immunity through breastfeeding

Breastfeeding protects the mother from malignant diseases that may affect the breast, knowing that any mother is able to breastfeed her child naturally, but the woman must accept the idea for the operation to succeed. If the mother complains of emotional problems and finds it difficult to accept the infant, this feeling is born Decrease in milk production
Contrary to some beliefs, the mother is considered free when she breastfeeds her child, unlike artificial feeding associated with preparing milk doses at home.

formula milk:

Formula milk causes a deficiency in immunity and vitamin C because it does not provide the same quantities as breast milk and does not adapt to all children, so there are many types available in the market.
Formula milk should be purchased after consulting a doctor.

Baby and food:

For breastfeeding, the feeding process begins after 6 months. As for artificial feeding, the feeding process starts from the fourth month by introducing vegetable paste.
And at the age of one year, the child can eat all kinds of vegetables, except for tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and broccoli
And you should avoid putting salt, sugar and oil in the child's food, and add a spoonful of olive oil after the food is cooked
And for the first two months of starting the feeding process, it is recommended to provide fresh food that is cooked daily, but after that it can be stored for each meal separately, and it is sufficient to heat it and provide it to the child.

Starting by providing one meal after 6 months of the infant's age. Vegetable meal should be served and avoid giving the child a grain meal because vitamin "C" activates him and disturbs his sleep at night.

Regulating sleep times:

At birth, the child must be responded to in the irregularity of his sleep, because he does not differentiate between night and day periods
Then, starting from the first month, feeding times must be regulated, and then gradually accustomed to not waking up at night.
Regulating breastfeeding contributes to enabling the mother's breast to provide the amount of milk needed to satisfy the child.
Also, accustoming the child to waking up during the day enables him to sleep at night, knowing that the process of accustoming girls is easier than the process of accustoming boys.


The formation of gases in children is the result of the interaction of acidity in the stomach and milk, so there is no radical solution to this problem, but regularity in feeding times is one of the means to reduce gases in infants.

Nerve tension in children and vomiting:

Sometimes children engage in crying incessantly until its color tends towards blueness and vomiting, and this is usually due to a defect in the emotional relationship between the mother and the child, knowing that tension is transmitted from the mother to the child through the glands because the relationship between the mother and the child is very strong, as if they are one person
Vomiting in children is normal unless it has negative repercussions on the child's development.

Child rearing:

The mother should enjoy a margin of freedom, and this is related to the upbringing of the child, as she should not stay with him always, and the upbringing process starts from breastfeeding, whose times must be organized starting from the second month at a rate of every 3 hours, and giving the child an opportunity to sleep at night from midnight to six in the morning because The growth glands of children work at night as well, so that the infant can benefit from its nourishment and comfort the mother.