Thursday, April 20, 2023

Prevention of chickenpox and protection of the child and the mother from infection

Protecting the child and mother from chickenpox:

Because prevention is always better than cure, you can protect your child and yourself from infection by taking some simple steps, including:

Vaccination against it:

It is the best way to prevent it at all. Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the chickenpox vaccination provides complete protection from the disease for approximately 98% of those who receive the recommended doses, and in the remaining percentage it significantly reduces the severity of symptoms.

It is recommended for young children to take two doses, the first at the age of 12-15 months, and the second at the age of 4-6 years, and those over 13 years old get two doses, 28 days apart, if they did not receive vaccination doses in their first years.

The chickenpox vaccination can be combined with other childhood vaccinations such as measles, mumps and rubella after the doctor confirms, and the vaccination may lead to some pain, redness or swelling in the vaccination area for a few hours after obtaining it.

Avoid those infected with it:

It is necessary not to interact with infected people in any way, nor to be with them in the same place, to ensure that the infection is not transmitted.

Although chickenpox infection is common among school-age children, and in most cases it can be dealt with with simple measures, it is best to vaccinate your child against it to prevent it and its possible complications, or at least reduce the severity of symptoms.