Sunday, April 9, 2023

Preventive orthodontics in children.. Avoid placing machines for a long time or surgery


Orthodontics can be initiated from the age of four years to avoid putting machines that last for a long period of time or surgery.

the reasons:

Children should not eat solid foods that contribute to strengthening the teeth and helping them grow, such as dry bread, meat, apples, carrots...
And not chewing well to digest the food, and therefore the teeth do not find a place to emerge

Some people are unable to breastfeed naturally, which helps to strengthen the jaws and leave a place for the emergence of teeth
A child's breathing through the nose only affects the development of the nasal bone and fatigues his respiratory abilities in the long run

Breastfeeding a child with his finger since childhood contributes to crooked jawbones, so the child must be helped to give up this habit with the help of a psychiatrist, because these practices indicate the existence of a void that the child suffers from.
Excessive use of artificial feeding.
The disturbing scoliosis remains the scoliosis of the jaw bone


The diagnosis is made when noticing any unusual behavior of the child on the part of the family, but in all circumstances, a visit to the doctor must be made at the age of four or five years to notice the extent of the distortion, which is sometimes at the level of the lower and upper jaw.
And the monitoring continues after that every 6 months or a year until the limits of 12 years, because at this stage the process of emergence and change of milk teeth with permanent teeth takes place.
And treatment must be early because after the age of 12 it becomes difficult


The treatment is through machines to straighten the teeth, and they are not permanent. They are extracted from time to time when there is a slight crookedness in one of the teeth, which can be treated to avoid the child eating improperly.

The presence of a “shakal” in the tongue disrupts the process of bone growth, and when it is extracted through surgery at the age of between 7 and 8 years, the tongue returns to performing its basic function.
With regard to difficulty breathing, respiratory allergies can be treated, and in some cases, nasal polyps are removed if they are present

The progression of the lower jaw for children must be treated at an early age to avoid the difficulty of straightening when they grow up.
The straightening machine is used for about 5 or 6 months, which is a sufficient period for treatment

It is necessary to treat the problems of crookedness of the upper and lower jaw at the age between 4 and 5 years, because after the age of 12 years, the matter becomes difficult and the solution becomes mainly surgical. When the milk teeth fall out early, their place must be preserved until the permanent teeth emerge.