Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Problems of infants and newborns.. Gases. Sleep disorders. The age of pronunciation is delayed. Cough. punishment

Problems of infants and newborns:

Among the most common problems that infants and newborns are exposed to are:


Gases cause great anxiety in the child and the mother. Anxieties start after the first two weeks of giving birth, which is a normal condition.
What really causes concern is the state of panic and fear among the parents that affects the child, and the child in this case needs the reassurance of his parents to contain him.
Children's gas anxieties usually start in the evening more than at any other time of the day. Among the painkillers that are used is Basbas water, but the best solution is to do a "massage" on the abdominal level.

When does the gas fluctuations subside?

After the age of two months, the state of anxiety about gases gradually decreases. It is advisable not to expose the child to cold and to make sure that he wears socks to prevent gases.
  And the mother should avoid some types of food that cause the transfer of gases from her to her child.
And starting from the age of 4 months, most of the symptoms of gases in children are reduced.

Breastfeeding and its importance:

Starting from the third day after birth, the mother's breasts produce milk, bearing in mind that in the first days the breast contains the substance "pulp" that protects the infant. It is a very important substance in the lactation process.
In some cases, formula milk can be prescribed to the infant, when the infant complains of low birth weight or premature birth.

Sleep disorders in infants:

Sleep disorders in infants are usually due to insufficient breastfeeding, so the mother's diet must be balanced with drinking significant amounts of water, at a rate of at least two liters per day, to avoid the child's anxiety due to the lack of milk in sufficient quantities.

Delayed age of pronunciation:

The age that calls for fear of a delay in the pronunciation process is 3 years, and the matter requires consulting a specialist.


Cough in children may hide some diseases, and it is recommended to clean the nose well and consult a doctor to identify the causes. Note that coughing at the age of two months requires a visit to the doctor because the child may be infected with whooping cough, especially since the necessary vaccination against this disease takes place at the age of 3 months.

Punishment for children:

Children do not usually understand punishment, so there is no point in punishing it, just as child abuse generates violence in their souls, and they are brought up with it, and when they grow up, they become more inclined to practice violent behavior.
The child should also be spared scenes of violence because of their negative effects on the formation of his personality.