Saturday, April 29, 2023

Reasons for children's naughtiness.. Eat preservatives. industrial colours. Excessive fatigue. lead poisoning. Pressure nervous

Reasons for children's naughtiness:

Eating preservatives:

We find that most of the foods now are filled with preservatives in order to preserve the flavor of these foods, and hardly a day goes by without our children eating such foods, but studies have shown that if the child stops eating preservatives, his condition will improve significantly.

artificial colours:

Where it was discovered that there is a relationship between the colors used in canned food and drinks and the increase in children's activity and naughtiness, and therefore care must be taken not to eat foods that contain artificial colors, or at least the need to reduce them.

Excessive fatigue

Whether due to lack of sleep or irregularity, an exhausted child may show aggressive behavior and bouts of anger towards others, in addition to excessive naughtiness.

Watching TV for long periods:

As this leads to many damages, including high rates of violence among children, obesity among them, and watching TV for a long time is an obstacle to engaging children in natural activities to empty their energy such as playing and exercising, and hinders them from discovering the life around it, so it is advised to reduce the number of hours watching TV. As much as possible .

Zinc and iron deficiency:

Where if the body's iron stock is low, the child becomes anemia, and thus the child suffers from distraction and excessive hyperactivity.

Lead poisoning:

Where studies have shown that the deposition of quantities of lead in the brain, leads to learning difficulties and lower levels of intelligence in children, in addition to increasing hyperactivity and naughtiness in children, and lead poisoning often occurs in places that have many factories.

Malfunction of the secretion of the thyroid gland:

Where the thyroid hormone works to regulate the body's metabolic processes, and if the hormone secretion increases beyond the normal limit, this leads to an increase in body movement, increased activity, and children's naughtiness.

Pressure nervous:

The problems that exist in the family make the child suffer from great nervous pressure, so all problems must be solved away from the children, as the nervous pressure is also one of the causes of children's misery.

Drinking more:

They contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, Nescafe, and soft drinks, as caffeine has stimulant and stimulating properties, and therefore an increase in the consumption of beverages containing caffeine leads to an increase in children's activity and hyperactivity.

Food allergy:

It consists of certain foods such as eggs, milk and soybeans, and it should be noted that studies show that not all children who suffer from allergies have hyperactivity, but some foods that cause allergies lead to hyperactivity, and therefore hyperactivity is only a symptom of allergy.

Increased sugar consumption:

As the children's consumption of large quantities of sugars gives him more energy than he needs, and therefore the child resorts to getting rid of it in the form of excessive activity.