Thursday, April 20, 2023

Reasons for difficulty in pronunciation in children.. Oral expression disorder

Difficulty speaking in children:

Speech difficulty is normal for children between the ages of two and five years, as it is known as developmental stuttering, and it is normal when they start learning to speak and to form words in sentences, and it may last for several weeks or a year, but it can be overcome without any therapeutic intervention. It constitutes a satisfactory condition for some if it continues, and in this case it is known as a disorder in rhetorical expression, which takes several forms, namely: repeating the syllable, especially its first, or repeating the same sound, or prolonging the speech, or deleting some verbal sounds, in addition to To add some sounds to speech, and in this article we will introduce you to the causes of this type of difficulty in pronunciation, and its symptoms.

Symptoms of difficulty speaking:

  • Stress, anxiety.
  • Speak quickly to avoid stuttering.
  • Eye movement disorder.
  • Struggle in the facial muscles when pronouncing.
  • High pitch of the voice when repeating the pronunciation, and the vocal tension.
  • Make an effort to speak.
  • Evading speech or pronouncing some words to avoid stuttering.

Reasons why a child has difficulty speaking:

  • heredity.
  • Other problems with speech or language.
  • Neurophysiology, where speech and pronunciation develop in some children in different areas of the brain than the normal areas of children without stuttering.
  • Family problems, fast lifestyle.
  • Psychological or neurological disorders.
  • A defect in speech receivers, articulation devices, or speech analysis devices, which leads to stuttering in speech, and delays in feedback information.