Saturday, April 22, 2023

Reasons why the baby cries at night and day

Reasons for a baby crying:

There are a variety of causes and factors that cause a baby to cry, such as:

  • Hunger is one of the most common factors that cause a child to cry, especially if the child is in the first months of his life.
  • Colic may be a factor behind the child's continuous crying, which is accompanied by redness in the face if they suffer from colic, especially in the first month.
  • The baby may cry because of the desire to sleep as well, as he needs the mother to put him in the correct position that suits him to sleep comfortably.
  • Expressing distress, as the reason behind the crying of the infant may be his feeling of distress as a result of feeling cold or as a result of the high temperature, or being wet because his diaper needs to be changed.
  • The child may cry as a result of feeling afraid or needing to be embraced if the mother is away from him, or as a result of the infant's belly swelling.

Reasons why a baby cries at night:

The child may wake up during the night and start crying as a result of the following reasons: “Feeling anxious and tense, or night fear, which results from the child’s exhaustion, illness, for example: middle ear infection or high temperature. The child’s intermittent sleep, which causes In disturbing him and entering into a crying fit. The environment is not suitable for the child to sleep quietly.