Saturday, April 29, 2023

Reasons why children are afraid of school.. Socialization. animation. violence in the home. Bad experiences. Psychological disorders

Child's fear of school:

Parents think about how to cross the stage of the child’s fear of school, because it is one of the most difficult stages, as the child begins to leave the house to the outside world. will not change.
Therefore, there are many reasons why a child is afraid of school, and parents should know them so that they can treat them better.

Reasons for a child's fear of school:

There are several reasons that may be the cause of a child's fear of school, they must be known and then resolved:


Socialization plays a major role in whether or not the child accepts school entry. For example, the mother may resort to intimidation when the child behaves incorrectly. Here, the child feels fear because the beating will be a punishment for anything he does.
It is possible that the older brothers have a role in alienating the child from school, such as listening to them about school and how difficult the assignments are, and so on.

Animated films:

Unfortunately, the mother did not pay attention to what is broadcast through cartoon films and the media in general. You will rarely find a movie that talks about the school being a beautiful and quiet place and the children love to go to it. We find that most of the children in the movies do not like school or go to it.

Domestic violence:

With the presence of manifestations of violence in the home, such as quarrels and beatings between brothers, the child may see that school is like home, too, with violence and quarrels, and is not a safe place to turn to, so he is afraid of school, and it has very bad psychological effects.

Bad experiences at school:

When the child enters the school, he takes the first impression of it, as he may find that the teacher rebukes the children or hits them, so he hates the school and the teacher, so he prefers to stay with the house instead of going to school.

Failure to pre-primary the child:

Parents should prepare the child about school before studying, so that he imagines what it looks like by describing it as a safe, beautiful and quiet place, whether by showing pictures or going together to school, but some mothers are ignorant of this period and then the child is surprised and afraid to go to school.

mental disorders:

Psychological disorders are one of the reasons that may lead to fear of school. It is a condition that usually affects 2 to 5 percent of school-age children. This condition usually includes a phobia of school or school phobia.