Sunday, April 30, 2023

Reasons why your baby sleeps during breastfeeding.. Soreness of the mother's breast. Wrong position to breastfeed. Noise or alarm sounds

Baby sleep during feeding:

An infant may tend to fall asleep while being breastfed because it needs sleep or feels safe in contact with its mother, and because infants generally sleep a lot. The infant falling asleep during feeding is a matter of concern to many mothers, because they think that by doing so, he may not have had enough milk for him. And the question that haunts her remains, did he get the breast feeding that satisfies him, or did he prefer sleep and suffice, so how do you deal if you meet this matter? This is what we answer you about in the following lines.

Can your baby fall asleep without getting enough breasts?

In fact, do not think that your child will go to sleep when he is hungry, as this is difficult, and in general the child does not go to sleep unless he gets his full needs of milk, but the child always associates breastfeeding with sleep, because this process helps to calm them down quickly. Babies can sleep for a few seconds, then wake up, and continue feeding again until they fall asleep completely.

What causes the baby to sleep while breastfeeding?

1- Maternal breast engorgement:

It is difficult for the child to breastfeed, and in this case compresses and squeezing the breast must be applied, so that the child can latch on and breastfeed.

2- Wrong breastfeeding position:

Breastfeeding position is a common mistake, and it results in the baby sucking with difficulty, then gets bored and falls asleep. Here, you must make sure that the breast is placed in the baby’s mouth in the correct way, and that the baby appears satisfied during feeding.

3- Noise or warning sounds:

Contrary to normal, alarming sounds around the baby may be a cause of sleep during breastfeeding, because they are similar in nature to the sounds he used to hear while he was a fetus inside his mother's womb.

How do you deal with your child if you feel that he slept and did not breastfeed enough?

  • Do not make him warm all the time, but remove the cover from him so that he pays attention to you during feeding, and massage his arm, leg, and foot, or blow gently on his face, and you can use a wet, well-squeezed cloth to pass it on his face until he refreshes and wakes up.
  • Do not let him fall into sleep, but try to wake him up in the stage of superficial sleep, and you can tell this from the movement of his hand and leg or the sucking of the lips, or look at his eyes while they are closed and you will find that they are moving under the eyelids.
  • Press gently during feeding on the breast, until the milk comes down from it and fills your baby's mouth, so he pays attention and swallows it.
  • Change his nappy, as this renews his activity and makes him not want to sleep because of the movement during the nappy change.

If your baby is healthy, gaining weight, seems satisfied after a feed, and isn't crying too much, rest assured he's getting enough milk. Let your baby be your guide in feeding and breastfeed him as often as he wants.