Sunday, April 30, 2023

Recommendations for medication administration.. Don't skip medical appointments or checkups

Recommendations for medication administration:

Confusion frequently occurs in patients about how medications should be ingested or consumed.
The professionals of the different disciplines directed to the health area, among them, the nurses, take it for granted that our patients already know how they should consume or ingest any medication that has previously been prescribed by their doctor.

The right way to use medicines at home:

For the administration of medications at home, keep in mind:

  • Know the medications, identify the name of the medication, presentation, what it is for, why it was prescribed, its route of administration, the dose to be ingested and how often it should be taken.
  • Always check the expiration date of the medication that it is intact.
  • Document (record on a sheet), the indication of new treatments.
  • Learn about the benefits and risks of taking this medicine.
  • Keep the list of medications updated (responsibility of the consumer or patient who takes any medication).
  • Documentation of the patient's treatment.
  • Protect the structure of the drug and preserve its properties.
  • Check the medicines in the medicine cabinet you have at home, at least every six months.
  • verify that the medication administered is the one prescribed.
  • Don't skip medical appointments or checkups.