Saturday, April 29, 2023

School phobia symptoms and treatment.. Psychological support and drug therapy

Symptoms of school phobia:

The fear of school phobia manifests itself in the form of various physical and emotional symptoms, and certainly varies in intensity. These children may also suffer from one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Younger children may cry, scream, or have a massive heart attack at the thought of going to school.
  • They pretend to be sick in order to avoid school.
  • Some also tend to cry all night. This can be very frustrating for parents because they are often unable to help the child relieve severe anxiety.
  • Dizziness, heart palpitations, dry mouth, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, and a complete panic attack are some of the other symptoms of school phobia.
  • The child may have persistent thoughts of death/death (especially the death of loved ones) when at school.
  • Other phobias can also be seen in the child, including fear of being left alone, fear of the dark, fear of monsters/ghosts, etc.
  • Teens may not talk about their phobias, but they will come up with fake illnesses, excuses, etc. to avoid going to school. Depression is a common symptom of a phobia.

School phobia treatment:

If your child suffers from school phobia, rest assured that the condition is completely treatable. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming to see a child in distress every day, but remember that younger children are more resilient than adults, so treatment is likely to be successful.

Medicines provide relief to control the anxiety experienced by the child; However, these drugs should only be taken under medical supervision and only in very severe cases. Furthermore, it is essential to know that drugs do not overcome phobias; It is only taken to reduce symptoms.

As a parent, supporting the child during this period is extremely important. It is important to find out why the child is afraid of school and try to convince him of other positive things.

Positive visualization, music, deep breathing, and other relaxation tools are known to be very helpful (especially in teens) when dealing with a fear of school fear.