Thursday, April 6, 2023

Sexual education: its concept and importance in protecting the physical sanctity and psychological safety of the child

What is sex education?

Sex education is a very important subject, but some people refuse to inform children about it with many pretexts, the most important of which is their belief that sexual behavior is an instinctive behavior that does not require psychological or medical education and knowledge, and that it is not the right time... Why sex education?

Sexual behavior is a physical, psychological and social behavior that requires scientific knowledge to be done in order to be sound in the present and in the future. With the progress of science, especially the science of sex, sexual behavior has transcended instinctive concepts and inherited definitions, so that science is the main reference for this behavior, including medicine and psychology, including the science of emotion, the science of motives, the science of behavior, and others.

The social environment, such as peers and friends, threatens the integrity of the child's sexual behavior due to its lack of scientific reference, as it contains false information that leads to physical, psychological, organic, social and human abuse. Pornographic sites affect the concept of sex and relations between the sexes and lead to deviations and addiction. Social networking sites also threaten children in terms of their physical and psychological inviolability

The concept of sexual behavior:

Sex is a major and essential behavior in human life, as it is a behavior of great pleasure and is the basis of family bonding, love and cohabitation for the individual. As for the family, we are talking about a society that must be coherent, in which an entire generation will be raised. Therefore, we must be aware that sexual behavior is brought up with it from childhood, and not only at the age of marriage. It develops from childhood until it reaches maturity in adolescence, to mature more by the completion of adolescence. The same thing on the physical level, where the body develops during puberty and shows secondary signs of puberty through which a person becomes able to have a full sexual relationship.

Sexual behavior is an upbringing like all kinds of education that are taught such as physical education and civic education... It is through education on principles, morals and values such as preserving the bodies, their eating regimen, the timing of their sleep and waking up, and their practice of recreational activities.

Clarifying the sexual behavior of the child:

The sexual behavior of children must be clarified and not taught to practice sex from a young age. Rather, the child must learn about his body, the names of his organs, the function of these organs, and how to preserve the body and its sanctity (not every human being is able to touch a child’s body, put his hand on his body parts, or practice any behavior as bad as kissing and hugging a child) and understanding the correct behavior that should be practiced towards his body.

Sexual awareness by age:

Educate the child according to his age and starting from (0 to 3 years) by showing the child the names of his body parts (informing him that his body will grow and grow like his parents) so that his sexual identity is stable. And showing him how to clean his body and not raising him on many wrong facts (it is wrong to tell the child that some areas of his body are bad, but rather they are good, but they should not be exposed or touched in any way in front of others).

The child is prepared to show him his body according to age, as he is in the pre-pubescent age, he must know that he will enter the stage of puberty, and he must be prepared for the changes that will occur in his body. And little by little, we talk about the feelings and feelings that should have a lot of respect and appreciation.

The importance of sex education:

It is necessary for there to be sexual education due to the lack of correct answers in society, as these are scientific, physical and psychological issues that must be looked at. There should not be shyness within the family that makes the child search for answers outside the home. When the child searches for information on the Internet, he will not find it to respond to his desire for knowledge, but rather he will understand the information in the wrong way, with a lack of respect, and in an abusive way to the child by exploiting him and with a lot of negativity, especially in countries developing.

While the countries that have sex education have reduced the percentage of sexual harassment, rape, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. By showing the child his body, the sexual formation and the relationship with the other will be more mature.

Sexual education helps the child to know the behavior that may affect him and to avoid the danger that may threaten him. The child is aware that some acts should not be practiced on him and he has the right to report them and know what they are in order to limit the repeated sexual harassment against him that lasts for years, while the child cannot report it due to his lack of understanding and shyness at the same time. Sex is not exploitation, but rather a relationship of love and respect, and there are many limits that must be stopped.