Thursday, April 20, 2023

Signs of poor eyesight in your infant.. Increased blinking rate and continuous rubbing of the eyes

Low vision in children:

Low vision is a common health problem in infants, but it is often difficult for the mother to detect it. In our topic today, we will refer to the most important signs that can indicate poor eyesight in your child, and we invite you to focus on them and pay attention to them as much as possible so that you can identify this medical problem.

Signs of poor eyesight in a child:

  • When your baby fixes his gaze on one direction or one source of light, this may often indicate that he suffers from poor eyesight that prevents him from focusing on the various people and things that surround him.

  • An increase in the rate of blinking in your infant is one of the easy-to-notice signs, which in turn may indicate a problem or weakness in his vision.

  • The deviation of your infant's eyes towards the outside or the inside is one of the signs that generally indicate a weakness in his vision. We point out here that it is difficult to determine this point before your baby reaches his third or fourth month. It is also considered around the eyes as well as signs that indicate poor vision and problems in the infant.

  • If you notice that it is difficult for your child to track things and people that fall into his field of vision, this is an indication that he suffers from weakness or noticeable problems in his vision.

  • When your infant is unable to communicate with you through his eyes or with the people around him despite your multiple attempts to communicate with him, this often indicates that he suffers from a weakness in his vision level.

  • Your infant can, in some cases, express his visual impairment by rubbing his eyes continuously and intensely. His constant eye spasms also indicate that he suffers from this condition.