Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Signs that your baby is suffering from colic

Colic in children:

If you are a mother for the first time, you certainly want to know the annoying signs of colic that appear on your infant, due to the immaturity of his digestive system yet, because newborn babies have nothing but crying, as a way to express hunger, wetness, colic and bloating, the way of expressing discomfort is similar and the reasons differ.

Symptoms of colic in children:

If you notice the following symptoms in your infant, immediately confirm that he is suffering from colic:
  • Constipation, bloating and excessive gas.
  • Increased crying and screaming accompanied by spasms, the more colic increases.
  • Rubbing the child with his hands and feet, and trying to pull them towards his stomach.
  • Hearing the sound of gas, whenever your child sleeps on his stomach.
  • Increased symptoms of colic in an artificially breastfed child.
  • Redness of the face and intense crying.
  • The baby's stomach is stifled due to colic, and you will notice it when you touch your baby's belly.