Sunday, April 30, 2023

Snow city in Dammam.. Great place to skate

Snow City in Dammam:

  • Snow City is one of the famous places within the city of Dammam and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it enjoys a special atmosphere related to snow, adventure and excitement.
  • The city is a great place for skating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and visitors come to it from all over the Kingdom, and some tourists from outside the country also go to it.
  • You will find the city within the Cobra Entertainment City, which is located inside King Khalid Park, which also contains a number of recreational games that children enjoy.
  • When entering the city, visitors are given special clothes to protect them from snow and to protect them from feeling the bitter cold, as the temperature in the place is below zero.
  • Within the city, you can spend time playing on the snow-covered slopes, on which skiing increases the sense of fun and excitement.
  • The most important feature of the city is that separate times for women and girls have been set aside for men, so that visitors can feel privacy.