Thursday, April 20, 2023

Stages of training your child to use the potty easily

Child use of the potty:

Potty training is a source of hope and fear in the hearts of mothers at the same time, just the thought that you will not change more diapers and will not have to bear the burden of buying them, it sure makes you feel happy and excited, but the more you remember what you may suffer Until you reach this moment, fear may creep into your heart and fears may begin to control you, as you think about the hardship that you will face in potty training your child. But know, my dear, that it is worth it, and the result in the end will make you forget any hardship you have gone through.
Keep in mind that the use of the potty differs from one child to another. For example, girls differ from boys, and the age differs from another, in addition to many other factors that may accelerate or delay your child's use of the potty. But in the end, mothers often go through the same stages when training to use the potty, so it is the same for all mothers from the beginning and the decision to start training the child to use it, going through the difficulties that the mother faces and leading to her success in training him to use the potty.

Stages of training a child to use the potty:

Here are the stages of potty training:

1- The beginning:

Is your child ready? You start asking yourself questions as you prepare to make the decision, is he ready to give up nappies, and is he old enough to start going to the bathroom on his own

2- Decision making:

This is the stage of making a decision, and actually starting to train your child to use the potty, you have prepared well by preparing the potty, and enticing him with treats if he uses it.

3- Feeling angry at failure in training:

In this locality, you may decide to spend time at home, and if you work, you may request a vacation from your work of up to three days so that you can sit with your child at home so that he does not wear diapers and limit his options to eliminate his need to use the potty. You focus on giving him water and juices to urge him to relieve himself. After all, your child often urinates his pants. Then you feel angry like all mothers at this stage. But remember that you have to be patient and endure hardship in order to succeed.

4- Feeling confused:

At this point, you may feel confused, you have prepared and prepared everything according to what other mothers have advised you or according to what you have read in a book or article, but surprisingly, your child does not want to use a potty. Rather, it comes to the point that after your attempts to sit on it and wait for you for about half an hour, for example, or more, and your feeling that he does not want to relieve himself and then keep him away from the potty, your child may decide to urinate on the floor. You may then be confused and make him wear diapers again.

5- Feeling confused:

At this point, you are always wondering if you can now have a baby without a nappy on. And you start to bring up the option of only going back to diapers for a while. And do you think that going back to using diapers for your son will lead to losing the progress that you have made with your child? In fact, things are never measured like this. You may need your son to return to wearing a diaper in certain circumstances, such as sleeping times, and there are no consequences for this matter, as it is normal.

6- Perseverance

At this stage, mothers usually continue to do everything they can to accustom the child to using the potty continuously. Never rush him to continue using the potty and accept it without nervousness. Do not give up the idea of the potty at this time or go back to using the diaper. Just continue to accustom the child to the potty without despair.

7- Granting rewards:

Your child has already been able to use the potty times and times that he also does not resort to using it, at this stage you have to encourage him every time he uses the potty and give him the rewards that he loves and express your gratitude to him with different words of encouragement and applause.

8- Feeling happy as a result of progress:

At this point the child is finally able to use the potty. You will feel very happy with this achievement

9- Success

You and your child will definitely succeed in this, and your child will get used to continuing to use the potty and will not accept using the nappy again. Remember that you have to go through the stages of confusion, anger, and each of the above in order to be able to feel the happiness of the stage of success in the end.