Saturday, April 22, 2023

Sunset beach in Dammam.. Big water park full of games

Sunset Beach in Dammam:

  • A beach that some may think is not a place suitable for children, but it is in fact a beach that contains many water games that are suitable for children over the age of three.
  • Where the beach is a large water park full of exciting and fun games, and it contains a number of slides that children can skate on and enjoy the water in the hot summer days.
  • And these water games are also suitable for adults, as they are the ideal picnic for all family members, as they also contain bowling courts and some other fun games.
  • Not to mention the children's fun with the beach games.
  • The beach also includes a number of restaurants and cafes with enjoyable and upscale sessions that you can find along the beach.
  • Thus, parents can relax in the place while watching the sunset on the beach while eating food and sipping their favorite drink.