Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Surgery for polyps in the nose and throat in a child

Polyps in the nose and throat in a child:

Nose and throat bumps are common conditions among individuals, and this issue represents an important debate among doctors of various specialties involved in the treatment of this condition, as some doctors believe that these bumps are beneficial to the child’s health, and they are a natural immune system and the first line of defense that protects the child from germs and viruses While other doctors go to consider nevi as the main cause of several diseases in children and they must be removed.

Polyps in the nose:

The nostrils in the nose are behind the nose and begin to grow as the child grows up to reach its maximum size when the child reaches three years of age, and from here its negative effects begin to appear as the nasal vent is blocked, which causes the child to suffer from respiratory disorders always, which appear in the form of snoring during sleep, and nasal secretions can also accumulate Inside it and return to the chest, which leads to the child's infection with catarrh. Nasal meats can result in interruption of breathing at night, and also harm the ears, as the little one feels pain in his ear and a relative lack of hearing. With the passage of time, morphological symptoms appear on the child, such as cartilage distortion, which causes problems in the nose. We can also find that the mouth is always open, which results in crooked teeth and sometimes decay, which makes the harm of the cartilage more than its benefits, so it must be removed.

Tonsils in the larynx:

The tonsils in the larynx, or what is called tonsils, are present when the mouth is opened and can be seen easily. The tonsils can sometimes be small in size, but they get sick quickly, so we find the child suffering from frequent colds accompanied by a high body temperature, a feeling of failure, pain in the joints with the inability to swallow, and the recurrence of the infection is repeated. With these catarrh for more than four times a year because of the tonsils, an issue harmful to the health of the child, so the tonsils are removed in this case. There is also another case in which we find the size of the tonsils large, which closes the duct and makes the child unable to breathe and swallow normally, and in some cases it can even lead to a change in the child’s voice completely, which makes their eradication necessary in this case.