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Symptoms and treatment of autism spectrum disorder in children

autism spectrum:

Autism spectrum disorder affects a child's development and his ability to communicate and integrate into society. Dr. Rania Khamakhm, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, confirmed that the symptoms of the disease are different and varied. It is present since the birth of the child, but it is not clear or incomprehensible to the parents.

Symptoms of autism spectrum:

In general, the symptoms of the autism spectrum are limited to three main points: social integration, verbal and non-verbal communication, and behavior.

For the merger bidder:

Many preconceived ideas known to people, which are mostly wrong, such as the idea that a child with autism spectrum always faces difficulties in integrating. each child individually.

For example, we can find children integrating with the rest of the children and interacting with them, and the element of interaction may be absent, but if we look more closely at the behavior of the child with autism spectrum, we find that the child during play focuses on only one detail of the game or plays it in his own way without being guided by laws In the game, we can also find passive children who do not initiate anything or draw our attention in anything, and even if we interact with them, they do not respond to us, and even if they do respond, their response will have problems. In all the questions, the doctor confirmed that the point of social integration in the axis continues Diagnosis in the autism spectrum.

With regard to the second symptom related to communication, it is divided into verbal and non-verbal communication:

For verbal communication:

The absence of some things is a clear indication of the existence of special forms of the autism spectrum, for example if the child did not begin to speak in the first year of his life, or did not speak at all at the age of two years, if he did not begin to form simple, clear and meaningful sentences at the age of three. At this point, the doctor noted that the delay or absence of speech represents the most reason for parents to visit the doctor and examine the child.

Among the other problems that the child is exposed to in verbal communication, we can find the child speaking, but he does not employ the words correctly, and we also find him repeating the words satisfactorily, and he cannot link the answer to the question asked and does not wait for his turn in the answer because he does not understand the meaning of the dialogue. And give and take in speech, and we also notice that the child does not use the ego pronoun when he talks about himself, and we find that he also speaks languages other than the language in which he deals with him.

As for non-verbal communication:

The child does not turn around when we call him by his name, because in the normal situation, the child in the first year of his life turns when we call him by his name, in addition to that his looks are distracted and he cannot look or look long into the eyes of another person, and we find him staring at the ceiling or at the lights for a long time. In pointing to things or asking for them, instead of that, he stands in front of him and starts screaming or crying, or takes us to him without asking for the thing itself.

For the third model of behavior:

It will appear in repetitive movements, such as the child spinning around himself, blinking his eyes, jumping in one place, or going back and forth in the same direction without a specific goal. It may also appear on the child with autism in the behavior section, strange interests and behaviors, such as licking or smelling anything. Something given to him, or he used to open and close the door over and over again, or as if he stacked things or played, or as if he ate according to the colors and type of food, or he stared at his fingers or walked on the tips of the fingers, or he was disturbed by mechanical sounds or attracted to a certain repetitive sound in a game or TV

An important point is added to all these symptoms, which is anxiety, tension and discomfort if we change something that he is used to, such as changing the path leading to the house or changing the furniture of the house. The child with autism spectrum prefers to wear the same clothes and hold the same toy in his hand as possible To become violent with himself and with others, and cannot dispense with diapers, in addition to sleep problems.

Causes of autism spectrum:

As for the reasons that contribute to the emergence of autism spectrum disease, Dr. Rania Khamakhm, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, indicated that there is no direct cause for this disease and that it is linked to genetic and hereditary factors.

Screens, whether television, computers, mobile phones, or others, do not directly cause autism, but rather accelerate the emergence of the disease and highlight its symptoms. The doctor explained that the screens are a talking box, but it does not interact with us, and therefore the quantity and quality of words becomes few and confined to a specific dictionary. He cannot form useful phrases or sentences and interact with them, so parents are advised to keep children away from screens before the age of three and not to leave them alone in front of them.

We can also find autism spectrum disease as a single disease in itself or accompanied by physical diseases such as epilepsy, Down syndrome, and hearing or vision loss. These diseases can also be alone without the autism spectrum, and if they are treated early, they may disappear.

Autism spectrum treatment:

Emphasis should be placed on the importance of early diagnosis, and she called on parents not to underestimate any symptoms, and to follow up periodically on the child in the various stages of his treatment, because that in itself enables them to accept the disease and coexist with it, and not rush to seek recovery and give each stage of treatment its right, and the doctor said that this It serves as a psychological framework for parents and enables them to accept the disease and help their children effectively

There are signs, if any, that give hope to the child to overcome many obstacles and other health problems, which are represented first in the fact that the child spoke before the age of five, and second that his illness is not accompanied by other diseases, and third, that his mental level is normal or above normal.

In general, autism spectrum disorder includes many specialties according to the problems that the child suffers from, such as occupational therapy and speech therapy.

As for the use of medicines, they depend on the condition and behavior of the child, and they are not given in all cases. Finally, I reassured the parents that these medicines were subjected to many tests and do not contain side effects. On the contrary, they help the children to improve and progress in the various exercises that they do. Child..