Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The benefits of oranges for children in preventing diseases and strengthening bones

The importance of oranges:

Orange is undoubtedly the first winter friend in the fruit family, and evening winter sessions in front of the TV are always associated with eating oranges and tangerines. orange children? What are the benefits of oranges for children?

When can children eat oranges?

Although many mothers believe that oranges can be given to children at the age of a few months, doctors and specialists warn that children's stomachs may be sensitive and unable to tolerate the acidic content of the fruit at this age.

Oranges contain citric acid, which can also trigger a rash in very young babies, so it is best to give oranges to babies when the baby is close to turning one year old.

Benefits of oranges for children for the health of the digestive system:

Oranges are filled with many important nutrients, including various minerals and vitamins. They provide the following benefits to the digestive system of children:

Fighting indigestion:

Almost all babies and children face indigestion quite often. This is primarily due to the fact that their digestive system starts to gain strength gradually. The components of orange stimulate the digestion process greatly.

Reducing constipation:

Infant diets are primarily lacking in fiber, which is essential for good bowel movement. Fruits are a great option to feed babies when it comes to constipation. Natural orange juice contains a good amount of fiber.

Dehydration treatment:

For young children and infants, diarrhea can be very dangerous, causing dehydration and loss of energy. Orange juice is the best option to rehydrate the body and restore lost mineral balance, but the juice must be diluted with water before giving it to the infant.

Benefits of oranges for children in building the body:

One of the most important benefits of oranges for children is that it is very necessary for the proper physical development of children, as follows:

Proper physical development:

For babies and children, the great vitamin and mineral content in oranges is essential and vital for their normal development in the early years, making it a great nutritional supplement.

Strengthening the bones:

Given the amount of salts and minerals that oranges are rich in, and that they contain calcium and phosphate, with regular consumption, the child avoids weak bones and softening of the joints, a disorder called rickets that arises in the absence of calcium and phosphorus.

Oranges and orange juice have many wonderful benefits for adults and children alike, but it is important not to give them too much to children, because excess may cause caries problems in the future, and a doctor should be consulted before giving oranges, juice and any other food to children.