Sunday, April 30, 2023

The concept of movement psychology and its role in the treatment of autism

Achieving physical and psychological balance for the child:

Psychomotor science is a quasi-medical specialty that relies on the integration of sensory and physical motor functions, and its aim is to achieve physical and psychological balance, by doing a number of exercises and classes for people who suffer from an imbalance in this balance.

This treatment is resorted to when there is a defect in the sensory, mental and physical functions, and the psychomotor therapist performs this task to achieve balance.

What is autism?

  • Autistic disorder is a type of autism spectrum disorder
  • Signs of autism can appear from the first months of a child's life, but a diagnosis can only be made at the age of 3 years.
  • The types of autism differ, as do the symptoms
  • And starting from the age of 6 months, signs of autism can be detected in children, because the normal child begins the process of social communication with parents. As for the child who suffers from autism, he lacks this response, and parents can discover the condition early.
  • The questions of the specialist in psychomotor therapy are usually about the child's first attempts to laugh and cry, the reasons for that, and whether the child follows his parents through looks and the process of the child's communication through his body.
  • The diagnosis is easy when it is made before the age of 3 years
  • It cannot be certain that the signs of delay in walking or speaking are signs of autism, as they may be related to other pathological conditions.
  • And the child's direct doctor can discover autism.

the reasons:

The scientific reasons are still unknown, and there are some hypotheses that the reasons are genetic or the mother's use of antibiotics during pregnancy...


When the diagnosis is early, the treatment is easier, and when it is suspected that the child may have an autistic disorder, a neurologist, child psychiatrist, or his doctor should be contacted, as any of these parties can enable him to go to the specialized team, which mainly consists of a specialist in psychomotor therapy. He specializes in occupational therapy and specializes in speech correction.

This team carries out a rehabilitation program that enables the child to receive treatment early and improve his quality of life so that he can live comfortably.


  • Possible treatments for autism are psychomotor therapy, speech correction, and occupational therapy to facilitate the process of social communication and coexistence with others, especially since the child with autism suffers from problems of integration with others.
  • The task of the psychomotor therapist is to rely on exercises on the body and seek to build a relationship of trust with the child and to rely on body language to communicate and respond to his personal tendencies and excessive feelings.
  • Data must be taken from the parents about the child in order to communicate with him, and also through the environment in which he lives, and they are parties capable of helping him to integrate.
  • There are attempts to improve the condition of the child, and the state of improvement is not linked to a specific period, and it must be aware that autism disorders cannot be completely cured from the child, as it is a disorder that accompanies him throughout his life, but the family and social environment surrounding him must cooperate to improve his condition.