Sunday, April 30, 2023

The correct position for breastfeeding

Delivering milk to the baby in a proper way:

Some women do not face a problem in producing milk after giving birth, but some of them suffer from failure to deliver milk to the baby through the wrong position during feeding; Because it certainly requires a great deal of knowledge; So that the mother does not deal with breastfeeding randomly, which may expose her to many problems, the simplest of which are nipple infections, which may cause her pain that makes her unable to breastfeed for several days.

Guidelines to help carry and breastfeed the baby properly:

Here are some tips to help you hold and breastfeed your baby properly:

  • Start by placing the baby on one side towards your breasts, making sure that his ear, hip and shoulder are in a straight line against the breast.
  • You can use a nursing pillow; Until your baby reaches a height that will make it easier for him to latch on to your breast.
  • Put the baby's lip gently on the nipple, and make sure that the baby's mouth covers the nipple and part of the dark areola surrounding it; In order to avoid inflammation and cracking of the nipple.
  • Check your baby's cheek constantly to make sure that he is breastfeeding. You can observe the steady rhythmic movement that the baby's cheek moves when he receives an adequate amount of milk during feeding.
  • Do not suddenly withdraw your breast from the baby's mouth after the end of the feeding; Because this exposes the nipple to injury, you can gently put your finger in the corner of the baby's mouth, and gradually pull your breast.