Saturday, April 29, 2023

The eighth and ninth stages of pregnancy.. The ability to see and hear sounds. The complete growth of the body systems

The eighth stage of pregnancy:

In the eighth month of pregnancy, the skin develops a lot, and the auditory system of the fetus becomes completely similar, as well as the performance of the nervous system and the nervous system improves and becomes more active.

The ability to see and hear sounds:

The brain, as well as the mind, are growing excellently, large, and rapidly at this stage, as the child is now able to see and hear sounds.

Complete body systems development:

With the end of this stage of the life of the fetus in his mother's womb, the entire organs in the fetus's body become complete, except for the lungs, which need more time to develop as required.

The ninth and final stage of pregnancy:

In the ninth month of pregnancy, the burden increases on the mother and the pregnancy, especially in the lower part of the pregnancy, and the lungs finish developing fully, and the limbs of the fetus become complete, and the fetus itself is fully developed.

Before birth:

At this stage, the mother notices that the movement of the fetus began to take some slow and weak kicks, and sometimes she does not feel them, and the reason for that is that the uterus has become a narrow and difficult place for the child, and its weight at this stage ranges from 2 and a half kilos to about 3 kilos, and the mother is Ready to give birth.