Saturday, April 29, 2023

The fifth, sixth and seventh stages of pregnancy.. hair grow. Increased fetal movements. The development of the brain and the sense of hearing

The fifth stage of pregnancy: movements and pulsations

It is the fifth month when the fetus moves in the womb, and there is a percentage of some mothers who begin to feel the movements of the fetus at this stage, as the child moves his arms and feet very actively, and the mother is also able to hear the pulses of the fetus in her womb.

hair grow:

Here, small hairs called villi begin to appear on all parts of the body, and the fetus begins to enter the stage of cell renewal through fetal metabolism.

The sixth stage of pregnancy: increasing fetal movements

In the sixth month, the normal weight of the fetus at this stage is about 700 grams, and the movement increases a lot and becomes very noticeable to the mother.
  It is a wonderful stage for the mother, as she begins to check on the fetus whenever it moves and begins to feel it, and its fingerprints are formed at this stage, as well as the process of separating the eyelids from each other, and the skin of the child’s body is very shiny and thin.

The seventh stage in pregnancy: brain development

It starts from the seventh month, when the skin becomes very transparent and pink, with a soft and thin texture, and the fetal brain begins to develop, as it controls the functions of the fetal organs, except for the lungs, because they have not developed yet and need more time in the mother’s womb.

The development of the sense of hearing:

The normal weight of the fetus in the mother’s womb at this stage becomes approximately one kilogram, and one of the most important events that happen to the child in this month is that he may start crying in the mother’s womb “Glory be to God” and begins with a lot of violent movement, as well as hears sounds and begins to distinguish them, such as the voice of the mother and father, as well as Soft music, and he may feel pain and currently distinguish the flavor of saliva, whether it is sweet or bitter.