Saturday, April 29, 2023

The fourth stage of pregnancy.. Placenta development completed. Maternal health. disappearance of the symptoms of fever.

The fourth stage of pregnancy:

This stage begins with the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, where it is noticed in the follow-up ultrasound of the pregnant woman that the fetus begins to float in a liquid called the amniotic fluid, which is actively present inside the amniotic sac.

Placenta development completed:

The placenta is fully developed, the fetus's scalp is formed, and some other organs in its body are developing, but it has not yet reached full maturity.

The disappearance of the symptoms of birthmark:

The fetus at this stage is fully nourished by the placenta and can never live outside the uterus under any circumstances, and the symptoms of birthmark during this month begin to decrease very much until they completely disappear.

Maternal health:

And the mother begins to regain her health, eat food, and nausea decreases in the morning or when inhaling a pungent sweetener. The weight of the fetus becomes about 120 grams.