Sunday, April 30, 2023

The main reasons that lead to the birth of a skinny child.. Premature birth. Genetic factor. Hypertension. a problem with the placenta. twin birth

The birth of a skinny baby:

The ideal weight for a child at birth starts from 2 and a half kilograms to 4 and a half kilograms, and this weight is affected by various factors such as the duration of pregnancy, the sex of the child, the mother’s health and nutrition during pregnancy, the number of pregnancies and births, and others.

Reasons for the birth of a skinny child:

However, there are other reasons that can lead to the birth of a skinny child, and we enumerate the most prominent of them in this topic.

1- Premature birth:

One of the most common reasons that may stand behind the birth of a baby with a lower weight than normal, as this happens because the premature or premature baby did not get enough time to grow when he was still a fetus in his mother's womb.

2- The genetic factor:

There are many and varied reasons that may lead to the birth of a child with a lower weight than the normal weight, as the genetic factor may be the reason as a result of the birth of most family members with a low weight.
It is noteworthy that the parents whose height is shorter and whose size is smaller compared to the average height and size have smaller children.

3- High blood pressure:

High blood pressure in the mother may affect the blood flow to the baby through the placenta, resulting in a low birth weight baby.

4- A problem with the placenta:

The baby can be born thin due to a specific problem in the placenta. Such as pregnancy poisoning, which reduces blood flow to the baby and negatively affects its growth, and therefore it does not get enough oxygen and nutrients to complete its growth like other children.

5- The birth of twins:

The baby may be born thin with a low weight if the mother is pregnant with twins because twins are often born early and they do not have much room to receive adequate growth inside the womb.