Sunday, April 30, 2023

The method of weaning the child from breastfeeding at night and the method of weaning him with aloe vera

How to wean a child from breastfeeding at night:

First of all, it should be noted that you cannot consider weaning a child from breastfeeding at night until after your child has completed six months of normal growth, and you can follow the following tips to wean a child at night:

  • If your baby is waking up to feed for five minutes, you can immediately stop the night feeding and try to silence him with any kind of distraction you choose (gently rocking him, cuddling him, giving him something he likes...).
  • If your baby takes longer to breastfeed, it is possible to reduce the time allotted to breast-feeding by five minutes every two days, and of course it will take some time for the child to be able to dispense with breastfeeding at night.
  • The previous method can be followed depending on the amount of milk. If the amount of breast-feeding is more than 60 ml, the mother begins to reduce the amount by 20 ml every two days until it reaches 60 ml. If it is 60 ml, she can stop breastfeeding directly.
  • You can ask the baby's father to help you put the baby to sleep for you, as this will help distract the baby from feeding.

How to wean a child with aloe vera:

Some mothers choose different tricks to make the child hate breastfeeding. Among these tricks is the woman's anointing her breasts with bitter aloe vera, which makes the child reluctant to breastfeed after tasting it.

However, other methods may be better than ending the emotional breastfeeding experience between the mother and the child in such a crude and harsh manner on the child and the mother together.