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The most important easy tips for washing your child's hair.. The easiest and simplest trick to wash your child's hair without getting tired or stressed

Top easy tips for washing your child's hair:

Right Time Some easy tips to wash your baby's hair:

  • Choosing the right time is one of the effective ways to wash a baby's hair without crying or getting tired.
  • It is recommended at the beginning of the bath to wash the child's hair, especially if your child loves to enjoy playing in the bathtub.

Hand shampooing Some of the easy tips for washing your baby's hair are:

  • It is recommended to pour the shampoo on the palm of the hand and then apply it to the scalp, as this is better for it.
  • Pouring shampoo directly on the head of a young child for the purpose of stimulation is something that the child does not like at times.

Attaching some of the easy tips for washing your baby's hair:

  • When entering the bathroom to bathe the little child, you should not enter to engage in this battle on your own, so you should use some accessories to facilitate the task for you.
  • One of the most important accessories that you take while bathing your child and washing his hair is the protective goggles to protect the child's eyes while washing the hair
  • Earplugs are used to prevent water from entering and damaging the ears.
  • Using squeeze bottles, or playing with water and spraying it during hair washing times, all of these methods help you wash your child's hair with fun and play.

Using the right shampoo Some of the easy tips for washing your baby’s hair are:

  • Make sure to use a suitable type of shampoo for your child and in a moderate amount.
  • It is preferable not to use a type of shampoo that has a strong or thick scent.
  • Ensure that the shampoo used does not contain substances that cause tears and eye damage.

Going Back and Going Forward Some easy tips for washing your baby's hair are:

  • After washing the child's hair with shampoo and entering the stage of rinsing the hair, you should turn his head back or forward so that the water does not fall on the face and eyes.
  • You can put some stickers on the ceiling to keep your child occupied long enough while rinsing with his head turned back.
  • If this previous method does not suit you, you should turn the child's head forward with a dry cloth over the eye.

Close your eyes Some of the easy tips for washing your baby's hair are:

Make sure that your child closes his eyes while rinsing the hair, so you should ask your child to do this, or blow on the child's face quietly while washing the hair quickly and very quietly.

Choose what the child prefers:

  • You have to be more creative when rinsing your child's hair. If your child likes to pour a good amount of water over his head, then you should follow this method.
  • If your child prefers to pour a few drops on the hair, you should choose what your little one prefers.
  • You can also use a wet towel to wash the child’s hair, then rinse it and remove the shampoo and excess water from it, then pass it over the hair again, repeating several times to make sure that the shampoo is completely removed. This method can be followed if your child is completely prevented from getting water on the hair. hair.

One of the easy tips to wash your baby's hair is using a doll:

Try washing the child's hair using the doll he prefers while washing her hair as well, as this gives him a feeling of comfort and fun. In the meantime, you have to wash his hair.

Using a mirror is one of the easy tips to wash your baby's hair:

  • Many babies like to watch themselves while bathing in the mirror so you should take her to the bathroom while the baby is being bathed.
  • It is recommended to take an unbreakable mirror with you, leaving the child to look at himself while washing his hair.

One of the easy tips to wash your baby's hair is using Vaseline:

The mother is advised to use Vaseline while bathing and to place it on the forehead of the young child to prevent water from slipping and entering the eye.

One of the easy tips for washing your child's hair is:

  • A young child does not need to wash their hair every day, just one to two times is sufficient for young children.
  • In the summer, children can take a shower without washing their hair every day, and it is also sufficient twice a week.

One of the easy tips for washing your baby's hair is:

  • The mother is advised not to be stressed or angry at her child's angry behavior or his making a fuss while washing the hair.
  • She should take it lightly and cheerfully, as if she is doing something fun.

One of the easy tips to wash your baby's hair is using a towel:

A towel can be used and wrapped in it while getting close to the child while washing the hair, as this helps to calm down.