Sunday, April 30, 2023

The reasons for the child's refusal to breastfeed and how to deal with the problem

Baby's refusal to breastfeed:

If your baby has already been fed, refusing to breastfeed is called a strike. It usually lasts for a day or two, and sometimes it may last longer.

Your baby's refusal to breastfeed can be upsetting, especially if you have no idea why, and some women may feel that their baby does not love them. Although these feelings are normal for mothers, gather your strength and consult a doctor to find out the reason and overcome this stage. Your baby needs breastfeeding more than ever during this period, and with a little patience and help, you will find a solution for what he needs.

Reasons why a child refuses to breastfeed:

For these reasons your baby refuses to breastfeed:
  • Your baby has tightness in his neck muscles on one side, which makes breastfeeding on one side more painful than the other. If you notice that your baby will not feed from just one breast, ask the doctor for advice.
  • He finds it difficult to latch on to your nipple and does not get enough to feed, so he may refuse to breastfeed as a result of frustration.
  • He suffers from an ear infection, which makes breastfeeding uncomfortable. See your doctor in this case.
  • Your milk production has decreased and is not enough to feed your baby.
  • His mouth hurts because of an infection, such as thrush or a cold sore.
  • He suffers from a disturbance in the feeding routine that you are used to in case you return to work or are absent from it for long hours.
  • He is distracted by noises or people's conversations during feeding.
  • He suffers from a cold or a stuffy nose, which makes it difficult for him to breathe while breastfeeding.

How do you encourage your child to breastfeed again?

First, watch him closely and try to notice signs of hunger, such as opening and closing his mouth continuously or turning his head towards you, as these signs precede crying. Remember that in times when your baby is angry, feeding may be more difficult for both of you.