Thursday, April 20, 2023

These are the reasons why your child sneezes constantly

Sneezing in a newborn:

A newborn child often sneezes frequently, which may worry his mother and make her search for the causes of this condition and ways to reduce it. Therefore, we will stop today on this topic and explain to you most of its aspects, and we invite you to review it.

Why do newborns sneeze constantly?

  • Sneezing, even if it is frequent, is considered normal for newborns, and it is not at all necessary for it to result from a specific type of allergy.
  • The child may sneeze as a reaction to his exposure to external factors that he did not experience while he was in his mother’s womb, such as air laden with dust, for example. Sneezing here is evidence of the child's good health and good immunity.
  • Frequent sneezing at this stage helps clear the nasal passages and prevent them from clogging, which is an essential point for the baby when he is born.
  • A child may also sneeze in the first days after his birth every time he opens his eyes and exposes them directly to light, but this condition quickly passes.
  • Newborns generally sneeze after finishing feeding in order to open the nose, which could be closed due to the position it takes during feeding.

Tips to reduce sneezing in newborns?

  • In this case, it is recommended to clear the house from the child’s room, in particular, of furniture and fabrics, such as fur, for example, that cause allergies. While making sure to purify the air as much as possible from dust and not to use scented scents that might cause him to sneeze.
  • Absolutely refrain from using the air conditioner in the rooms where the child is, as turning it on causes him to sneeze repeatedly.