Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Three reasons why you should not circumcise your child at home

Child circumcision:

The general public considers circumcision of children a simple and easy process, and it can be performed at home without exposing children to any danger, but the truth is otherwise, as one must beware of the possibility of recording complications that may require urgent intervention with the availability of necessary hospital means that allow saving the child from the danger of life-threatening complications.

Thus, attention must be paid not to be complacent in the decision to perform the circumcision of their child at home or in an unhealthy environment for the simple reason of not meeting the conditions for rapid intervention in it. This necessitates first aid for the child due to the possibility of his exposure to health complications that could endanger his life.

Serious conditions that can occur when circumcised:

Among these cases that need urgent aid is the possibility of the child being exposed to a kind of hypersensitivity to the local anesthetic that is used in most circumcisions. This chemical can cause serious complications in a young child.

A child can suffer from anaphylactique le choc, which is life-threatening and dangerous to the point of death if special aid is not provided to save him.

In addition, the degree of danger is represented in the inability to control the trauma if we do not have the necessary means of intervention, so he stresses the necessity of performing circumcision in public or private hospital institutions in order to avoid such serious tragic accidents that can turn joy into loss, God forbid.

Lab tests are necessary:

It is also necessary to request blood tests to detect that the child does not suffer from the hereditary blood clotting disease known as (hemophilia), especially if the child has not yet reached the age of one or two months and has not previously been subjected to any surgical procedure or blood test.

In this case, his injury, if not previously detected by laboratory tests, may cause severe bleeding in the child during the circumcision process, and knowing this in advance helps in taking the necessary health measures to avoid the child losing a large amount of his blood in the event that he is not expected to bleed as a result. The surgical operation, and because his blood did not clot as a result of not knowing in advance that he had hemophilia. Therefore, it must be emphasized that the operation should not be performed without a blood clotting test first, while making sure that the operation is performed within health frameworks that provide the minimum conditions for intervention to stop the bleeding in the event of its occurrence, to protect the life of the child as well.

Health supervision for circumcision:

The circumcision process must also be health supervised upon the initial examination of the child. Before performing it, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not suffer from congenital deformities.

It is noteworthy that most of them are due to a disease called hypospadias, so he urges the organization of the circumcision process, which is a simple operation within a large operation framed by specialists that aims to treat congenital deformity in the first place after early detection of the child’s condition in order to avoid health damage that accompanies him for life.

That is why parents must be careful to adhere to it so that their happy celebration of their son’s circumcision does not turn into a sad event that accompanies them throughout their lives.