Saturday, April 22, 2023

Tips for baby shower.. Not leaving the child alone. Water temperature test. Maintain a safe water level. Don't overuse soap

Tips for bathing your little one:

Do not leave the child alone:

To maintain the safety of the child, we offer you this golden rule, which is not to leave the child alone in the bathroom while taking a bath, while preparing all the things you need to be within your reach.
Do not leave the child alone for a phone call or open the door, if it is very important, you should take the child with you and wrap him in a towel so that he is not exposed to the cold.

Filling the bathtub since before:

You must ensure that the child is not present while filling the tub to take a bath, as the water temperature may suddenly change to cold water or hot water, as this may affect the child.
It is recommended to prepare the bathtub before taking the baby and prepare the basic things needed for bathing.

Water temperature test:

Before putting your child in the bathtub, you should test the temperature of the water by placing the palm of the hand or the elbow.
When the child feels comfortable and calm, you should introduce him.

Maintain a safe water level:

Did you know that the level of water that is more than one compass deep is sufficient for a small child to drown, so it is recommended to fill the bathtub to his waist no more than this so that the child does not lose his balance inside the tub.
When bathing a child, it is recommended that he be seated to prevent him from falling.

Do not overuse soap:

If you are adding a lot of soap to add bubbles to the water in order to make your child happy, this is something that is advised to be avoided.
Continuous use of soap and such products may cause dryness of your child's skin, so the use of these materials is limited to only once or twice a week, because excessive use of them causes rashes on the skin of the young child.