Saturday, April 22, 2023

Tips for calming a crying baby and dealing with it

Tips for dealing with a crying baby:

The following tips can be followed to calm and deal with a crying baby:

  • Provide a suitable and calm environment for the child, and it is preferable that the infant be in the closest position to the mother’s heart.
  • Embracing the child when he cries, so that he feels safe near his mother and calms down completely.
  • Pat the child's back regularly.
  • Calm your baby's nerves with a warm bath.
  • Massage the child's body using lavender oil to help him relax and feel comfortable, especially the area behind the ear, the forehead, the neck and the back.
  • Make a drink of soothing herbs for children, if the child is older than 6 months.
  • Carrying the baby and walking a little, and if the time is right, the mother can take her child for a walk outside.

When should you consult a doctor?

The following cases require consulting a specialist doctor due to the seriousness of the effect of crying on the child: “In the event that the crying continues for 3 hours, especially if it reaches 4 months, if the crying is accompanied by several symptoms, for example: fever or vomiting. In the event that the child cries while stopping Breastfeeding at the normal rate, or in the event that the baby’s weight has decreased, the infant will not stop crying despite the mother’s attempts to calm him down.