Sunday, April 30, 2023

Tips for the postpartum mother.. Get plenty of rest. asking for help. Working as a new family unit. Eat healthy meals. Doing exercises

Changes in the life of the mother after childbirth:

There are many challenges that the mother faces after childbirth to adapt to this new period, which requires the mother to take care of her child and herself, for example, the child should not be fed at separate times or change its place frequently, and as a mother you may experience sleepless nights because of your child, but over time this will become Things are part of your day, and most mums don't go back to work after giving birth until at least six weeks have passed. This gives you time to adjust and adjust to the situation.

Tips for the postpartum mother:

Here are some tips to help you after childbirth, most notably:

Get plenty of rest:

Get as much sleep as possible to deal with tiredness and exhaustion, your baby may wake up every two to three hours for feeding, and you can get enough rest by sleeping when your baby sleeps.

asking for help:

Do not hesitate to accept help from family and friends during the postpartum period, as your body needs to heal after this difficult period, and therefore you need friends or family to prepare meals, run errands, or help take care of other children at home.

Eat healthy meals:

Having a healthy diet is important after giving birth, as it helps you promote recovery and provide milk in the breast to feed your baby, and your food should include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and protein in addition to drinking fluids for lactation.

Doing exercises:

When your doctor tells you that the time is right to exercise, you should do so, provided that the activity is not tiring, as you can walk near your house for a short time, leaving the house will change yourself and renew your energy.

Working as a new family unit:

The new baby will make an adjustment to all family members and will change your relationship with your partner, so things will not be the same as before birth, and the matter may be disturbing at first, but it can be dealt with by being patient and the need for the husband and wife to understand the new changes after the birth of the child, and these things may take some time, But taking care of a newborn will get easier with each passing day.