Saturday, April 1, 2023

Tips for raising male children

Raising male children:

There may be privacy for raising male children, and here are some things related to that:

  • Monitor their aggressive behavior and their attraction to violent games such as guns, swords, weapons, or violent video games. If your child is very aggressive, other children may not want to play with him. Here, he must be taught empathy and fair play.
  • It's okay for them to play rough and tumble for a while, like jumping off furniture or rolling over. Babies are physical and they also express affection, which is normal and healthy for them.
  • Instill polite behavior in them and direct their energies in more positive ways instead of trying to stifle them and keep your cool by addressing your son's troublesome behavior.
  • Emphasis on teaching your son kindness and empathy with others, and that these qualities are not limited to girls.
  • Boys are seen as tough by nature but this is often the result of society's strict rules about masculinity, but sensitivity can be taught to boys to encourage their sensitive side to develop.