Saturday, April 29, 2023

Tips to help build strong bones for kids

Tips for building strong bones for kids:

The child during his development needs special care and attention from the mother.
One of the most important things that must be taken care of is strengthening the bones of the child, and ensuring their proper growth.
Some of the tips that help to strengthen the bones of the child and increase their hardness include the following:

  • Massage the infant with olive oil, which is one of the blessed oils that help strengthen and grow bones.
  • After the child reaches the third month, it is important to make sure to give him natural juices in small quantities.
  • Giving the child juices such as carrot juice, apple juice, or other natural fruits rich in vitamins and fruits.
  • Soaking dates in milk or water, and then giving them to the newborn in reasonable proportions helps a lot in strengthening the body and protecting against osteomalacia.
  • After the child reaches the sixth month of age, care must be taken to give him boiled eggs periodically.
  • Boiled eggs contain calcium and potassium in high proportions, which strengthens the bones and the body in general.
  • Honey can also be added to the baby's breast and sweetened with it, as it helps prevent fermentation and gas in the stomach.
  • Cabbage juice also contains a high percentage of calcium and magnesium minerals, which strengthens the skeletal structure in children, and accelerates the growth and healing of missing parts of the body.