Saturday, April 22, 2023

Tips to help the child to pronounce early.. Speech development in children and the diagnosis of speech delay in them

Speech development in children:

  • The child from the age of three months begins to make some sounds.
  • At the age of six months, the child begins to laugh and smile.
  • At the age of nine months, the child begins to pronounce the first words, and these words are usually short and easy, such as Papa or Mama, but the child does not understand the meaning of speech at that time.
  • When the child reaches his first year, he can utter short words, but the child at that time realizes the meaning of the words and intends them.
  • When the child reaches one year and six months, the child’s word count increases and may reach ten short words. If the child reaches this age and does not utter at least one word here, he must be presented to the pediatrician for examination.
  • At the age of two years, the child can utter a sentence of two words while realizing its meaning, such as (I am hungry, Daddy is gone).
  • At the age of three years, the child's linguistic output increases dramatically, perhaps up to two hundred words, and here the child can utter a sentence of three words or more.
  • At the age of four years, the child's linguistic outcome develops, and at this time the child can respond to questions well. If there is an impact on the child's letter exits at this time, or the child's linguistic outcome is weak, or the child suffers from pronouncing words here, the child should be presented to a speech-speech specialist.

Diagnosis of speech delay in children:

  • In the past, there was no knowledge of this progress, and speech delay in children was not a clear disease that could be diagnosed or treated. Nowadays, speech delay has many clear aspects, and we can diagnose speech delay in children, as there are a group of signs that cause concern and appear. In children at an early age, through which it is possible to know whether or not this child has a real problem and is really behind the rest of his peers in the same age year, and if it is already clear that the child suffers from a speech delay, he must be presented to the specialist doctor to follow the proper treatment steps, which Help him pronounce properly.