Sunday, April 30, 2023

Tips to make the baby sleep through the night.. Engaging in physical and mental activities

Tips to make the baby sleep through the night:

  • Creating a daily program for the child that enables him to participate in many physical and mental activities, especially during the day, because increased physical exertion that is not excessive helps him sleep at night.
  • The mother should be careful not to carry her child at night or try to play with him if he wakes up from his sleep during the night, but she can resort to patting his body quietly until he falls asleep again.
  • Ensure that the child is provided with the comfort he needs by covering him with a soft and comfortable mattress, providing soft cotton sleepwear as well, and ensuring that the child does not feel cold and is warm.
  • Not resorting to any means of distraction, and for this reason, the whole family should go to the bedrooms, and that at the same time set for the child’s sleep, as this does not cause him to be distracted, and the family can get used to this matter for a period of time in order to help him sleep at night.
  • The mother should put her child in his crib immediately if she sees him feeling drowsy and leave him to sleep on his own without resorting to shaking to help him sleep.
  • Not talking or playing with your baby when he wakes up at night makes it easier for him to fall back asleep.
  • The mother must moisturize her child's body after taking a bath at night, because this helps him relax and fall asleep all night.
  • Ensuring that the child's clothes are clean helps him sleep at night and makes him automatically take care of his personal hygiene in the future.