Thursday, April 20, 2023

To protect your children in the days of extreme heat.. Follow these tips!. Wear a hat and appropriate clothing. Drink large amounts of water. Sunscreen creams

Protect children from the heat of the sun:

Children are more sensitive than adults to high temperatures and scorching sunlight, so you must constantly pay attention to providing them with protection and protection at all times. And in this thread.

Tips for protecting children from the heat of the sun:

You can see the most important tips to protect children from the heat.

Wear a hat and appropriate clothing:

You may think that removing children's clothes helps them reduce the intense heat, but the matter is contrary to this belief, as the intense heat that they are exposed to as a result of the sun's rays can cause them many skin problems, so make sure that your children wear their hats that protect their faces from the sun Thin and light clothes that give them coolness and protect them from burns.

Keeping the body hydrated for children:

One of the tips that must be taken into account is to train children's skin to remain resistant to strong heat, so you should be careful to moisturize it constantly and more than once during the day. In this context, water must be used to maintain this moisture, because the use of moisturizing creams for the child's skin can cause him to be allergic.

Drink plenty of water and stay cool:

Make sure to provide large quantities of water and refreshments that refresh the child’s body and protect him from feeling hot, and providing a suitable environment with a moderate temperature is necessary to prevent the child from feeling hot, so you can choose to sit in the shade in nature or prevent the sun from entering the house strongly And adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner to suit the child.

Use of sunscreen creams:

Always make sure that you lubricate your child's entire body with moisturizing cream, and make sure that it has a high degree of protection to protect children's skin from burns. You should also avoid keeping the child in the sun for a long time, but rather set a time for him to play in the sun to avoid its negative side effects on him, and so that he does not feel hot.