Sunday, April 30, 2023

Types of baby weaning.. Gradual weaning (partial weaning). Waiting for the child to wean himself. Direct weaning

Types of baby weaning:

We can say that there are three ways to wean a child from which the mother can choose one of them:

Gradual weaning (partial weaning):

That is, start relying on mashed meals, then move to more solid food, while gradually reducing the number of feedings, and then stopping them permanently.

Waiting for the child to wean himself:

It depends on the child weaning himself, as either the child suddenly refuses to breastfeed, or starts asking for fewer feedings and for shorter periods, for a period that may sometimes extend to six months until complete weaning.

Direct weaning:

And it is by completely preventing breastfeeding from the child, and offering food directly to him, but this method is not recommended because of the negative effects it may have on you and your child, including:
  • Your sudden cessation of breastfeeding has difficult emotional effects for you and your baby, due to the strong emotion that was arising from your baby's attachment to you during feeding.
  • Sudden cessation of breastfeeding will not only surprise your little one's digestive system, but also his immune system.
  • Your sudden cessation of breastfeeding may cause infections, blockages in the milk ducts, or engorgement in the breasts.

In the event that the mother is forced to resort to direct weaning due to illness or taking certain medications, more attention must be paid to the child to compensate him for this unpleasant surprise for him.


When weaning a child in any of the above ways, the child's father or a family member can be sought help to provide food for him instead of the mother, because some children may refuse food when they see the mother wanting to breastfeed from her.