Sunday, April 30, 2023

Ways to moisturize the hair of infants.. jojoba oil. Johnson's baby oil. Vaseline. Coconut Oil. Shea Butter

Ways to moisturize the hair of infants:

  • The most important ways to moisturize the hair of infants start from the time of bathing, in which it is necessary to use a shampoo and conditioner that contain safe natural materials that help soften the hair, and work to lengthen and strengthen it, such as olive oil.
  • Hair should be combed during bathing and detangling, as this helps in moisturizing children's hair quickly and painlessly.
  • If your child's hair is dry or coarse and you want to make it soft or change its texture, you can use drops of jojoba oil and wrap the hair well.
  • Johnson's baby oil has proven to be very effective in moisturizing children's hair, through which they can have smooth hair like silk.
  • Make it part of your child's care routine to comb his hair before going to bed, and if you find it difficult to do so, you can wet the tips of the brush with water, oil, or moisturizing cream.
  • Vaseline has become one of the basic ingredients used to moisturize children's hair with ease, and it is suitable for use from infants to older children, as it gives hair shine and softness.
  • Coconut oil was used to moisturize the hair of infants, and until now experts recommend it as an oil rich in essential elements that will strengthen the hair, make its texture wonderful and soft, and moisturize it safely and quickly.
  • Shea butter also helps moisturize children's hair, nourishes and strengthens it, so apply a little shea butter on the palm of your hand, then start distributing it to the hair, then brush it in your usual way.