Saturday, April 29, 2023

What are the benefits of crying for a newborn baby?.. Detox. Pain relief. Calm the child. Relax and sleep. Lung cleaning. Mood improvement

Benefits of a crying baby:


Where emotional tears contribute to the removal and cleansing of the body of toxins.

Pain relief:

Where the body secretes the pain-relieving hormone endorphins when the child cries, and thus the child feels comfortable and calm.

calm the child

Crying activates the child's nervous system, and then the child calms down.

Relax and sleep:

Research has shown that crying contributes to a child getting a peaceful night's sleep free of interrupted sleep.

Lung cleaning:

By expelling phlegm and bacteria that may lead to diseases in the child.

Mood improvement:

Because crying relieves the infant of distress and pain.